To and Through College

NEW – Free SAT and ACT prep for students
PrepFactory recently launched a free service for high school students to use to prepare for the SAT and ACT. Among other resources, The website offers students a series of tutorial videos and written tips to help them prepare for both tests.

“Micro-Scholarships” Motivate High School Students
What if your students could receive a $1,000 college scholarship for earning an “A” in your class”?  How about $600 for earning a “B”?  $500 for taking an Honors or AP course?  $250 for participating in an extracurricular activity?  And more?  Teachers have begun motivating and rewarding their students with “Micro-Scholarships” through a new program called Raise.Me (, which is funded in part by the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Participation is open to all students in grades 9 through 12, and it’s free for all teachers and high schools that want to boost their students’ achievement and improve their access to college.

Wabash College is interest in recruiting your students!
Across the country, high-achieving low-income students undermatch their college choice. In an effort to increase college access for all students, a TFA alumnus working at Wabash College, has begun an initiative to recruit the students of Teach For America Corps Members, Alumni, and Community Partners to College. If you are interested in this opportunity for your students or the kids you work with,  please reach out to Alex Moseman at While Wabash is a Men’s College, he is happy to provide support to female students at any level or with counselors at similar institutions.

Mytonomy helps CMs with getting students college and career ready
Mytonomy offers advice to high school students on topics like college admissions or career readiness via a digital video platform.  Teachers and school counselors can connect their students to “near peers” to supplement college and career readiness programs.  See how corps members can leverage Mytonomy here.  For more information, visit or contact

Aim High St. Louis
Aim High St. Louis is a tuition-free personal and academic enrichment program for motivated middle school students, most of whom come from challenging circumstances or environments. Over our 20 years of partnership with St. Louis area families, we know that the majority of students who complete the program:

  • Grow academically  – more than 80% of our students show gains in their academic courses each summer
  • Graduate – more than 90% of Aim High achievers graduate, compared with just 60% of their local counterparts;*
  • Continue their education – almost 85% of Aim High graduates continue their education after high school, in contrast to 60% of their peers.

St. Louis Graduates Scholarship Central
St. Louis Graduates is helping connect more local students to local sources of scholarships and interest-free loans through Scholarship Central. Scholarship Central is a FREE, online system through which any student in the St. Louis area can easily learn about and apply to St. Louis area scholarship and interest-free loans. Find out more and create an account here.

College Opportunity for Our Artistic Students
The Art Institute of Saint Louis, located in the heart of Saint Charles, offers Associate and Bachelor degree programs in Culinary Arts, Culinary Management, Digital Filmmaking and Video Production, Digital Photography, Fashion Marketing, Graphic and Web Design as well as Interior Design.  While attending The Art Institute of Saint Louis, students will be guided by experienced faculty while gaining command of professional-grade tools in a hands-on environment.  If you would like to schedule a tour of our campus or you are interested in having a representative come and speak to your students, please contact Mika Heyl at 636.688.3021 or

Check out this College Opportunity for High School Students!
Can you think of students in your classes who have an incredible desire to learn and challenge themselves, and who would be interested in the community and experience that a small liberal arts college provides?  Consider connecting them with alumni Sarah McIlroy at Davidson College.  Read more about Davidson and the resources that Sarah can provide here.

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