EverFi: Digital Literacy and Responsibility Course
The National Hockey League (NHL®) and the National Hockey League Players’ Association (NHLPA) have partnered to launch the Future Goals program, a North-American initiative that provides students with science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education opportunities. The program brings digital learning opportunities into classrooms at no cost, and prepares today’s students to be the innovators and leaders of tomorrow. In addition to STEM career topics, Future Goals covers cyberbullying and digital relationships in a manner relevant to middle school students. Program Highlights:

  • Targets grades 5-8 and is 4 hours in length
  • Built-in assessments and tracking
  • Guided narration with real-time feedback

This online learning course is available to TFA teachers, as well as non-TFA colleagues, so please spread the word!  Click here for additional information.  

Education Resources from the Federal Reserve of St. Louis
The St. Louis Fed has a variety of ready-to-go lesson plans that you can use to enhance your students’ learning experiences. The lessons align with national education standards in economics and personal finance.  To access the complete menu of the St. Louis Fed’s award-winning economic education resources, visit Econ Lowdown on the Bank’s public website.

CK-12 – for STEM Teachers
Looking for great high quality STEM content and tools for this school year? Save time and money with tons of free resources from CK-12, a non-profit organization.  Everything is and will always be 100% free! Check it out here.

  • An extensive library of 90+ STEM digital textbooks that you can use as is or customize for your class.
  • 5,000+ STEM concepts available in multiple modalities (read, video, practice, activities, etc.)
  • Online classroom management tools (assign practice, track student performance, and have discussions beyond class time)

Check out 101 Resources for Math Teachers
Check out this list of 101 resources for math teachers. 

Interested in EdTech?
Check out the Facebook group “Connecting Teachers & Technology”  We’re building up a community of corps members and alumni who are enthusiastic about EdTech. Come collaborate with us!

Collaborative Educational Opportunity with WashU Medical Students!
The Health Professions Recruitment and Exposure Program (HPREP) is a program run by Washington University medical students with the goal of increasing elementary, middle, and high school students’ interest in and exposure to science and health career fields. The medical student volunteers visit science classrooms, or after school programs. They teach the students about basic heart and lung anatomy, physiology, and health. Learn more and connect with the student coordinators here.

Check Out The Institute for School Partnership at Washington University
The Institute is a resource for teachers all over the region. They specialize in science education but have educators that will work with social studies and math teachers as well to develop unit plans and lessons that are engaging for students. On their website, there are Common-Core aligned curricula and units that teachers teaching all grade levels can use. There is also a warehouse with thousands of science supplies that teachers can borrow and use. Brochures with more information are available in the Teach For America Office.

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