Resources for All

Need new Resources or Experiences for your Students?
The free and flexible fundraising platform, PledgeCents, allows you to raise funds for any classroom need quickly, easily, and efficiently. Learn how teachers raise >50% of funds from outside their network. Check it out at, and email with questions, requests for help, or to say hi!

Spread the Word About Free Adobe Partnership for Teachers 
Adobe has committed over $300 million in software and professional development services to K-12 Title 1 schools as part of the White House’s ConnectED initiative. All you have to do is apply here!

eSpark Learning – Sync Educational Apps
eSpark provides everything schools need to personalize learning on the iPad. Their comprehensive solution has been proven to help districts effectively leverage iPads and the vast ecosystem of educational apps to increase student engagement and achievement.

  • Relevant, student-centered curriculum
  • Understandable, actionable data
  • Streamlined, easy iPad setup
  • Expert coaching and ongoing support

Learn more about their teacher tool and school partnerships at

Classkick – Better Student Feedback
Created by TFA alums, Classkick is a whiteboard on the iPad where students work and get immediate help from their teachers and peers. With the app, teachers can see every student’s work at once, cut grading time in half, and add custom content in seconds. Students can raise their hand privately and engage each other with peer help. Best of all, it’s free! See it in action in these 1-minute video playlists:

Pear Deck – Hear From the Quietest Students
Give a voice to even the quietest students by quickly making every lesson interactive.  Pear Deck lets you insert interactive content and formative assessments into any slide presentation. Students answer on their own devices and you can see their answers in real time and reteach as necessary, or share the answers anonymously on the projector to spark discussion.

Reward Your Students for Free!
Reward Your Students With Incredible Pizza’s Edutainment Coupons at

Flocabulary: K-12 Educational Hip-Hop
Flocabulary is an online library of educational hip-hop songs, videos and classroom activities used in over 20,000 schools to engage and inspire students. Flocabulary offers select free units on its website, and a free 30-day school-wide trial allows access to the entire online library for all teachers at your school.

MOHist Museum resources for Educators
Broaden your students’ experiences with the meaningful learning and high-quality resources offered at the Missouri History Museum. Whether you are a frequent guest or have never visited the museum before, there is something to meet everyone’s needs. Here are some highlights of the quality resources they offer:

• Field trips and programs that are hands-on, inquiry based, and interdisciplinary.
• Increased opportunities for teacher professional development.

ClassDojo is a free positive feedback platform that helps students learn the right behaviors in the classroom. Teachers can use ClassDojo to:

  • Provide real time feedback to students on any behavior important to the classroom, like staying on-task, participating, or curiosity.
  • Use our new app, ClassDojo Messenger, where teachers can privately communicate with parents, keeping them in the loop on their child’s progress.




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