English Language Arts

TweenTribune.com – free Smithsonian website for students and teachers 
TweenTribune.com is a website for teachers and students brought to you by the Smithsonian. The best part: It’s completely free! TeenTribune offers twice-daily AP news articles that are Lexile® leveled for K-12, self-scoring quizzes, critical thinking questions, student commenting, lesson plans, weekly videos and a “Monday Morning Ready” newsletter that helps teachers get a jump-start on their week. TeenTribune also offers TeenTribuneEspanol with articles in Spanish. The Smithsonian TeenTribune family of sites helps empower K-12 teachers to develop students’ 21st century literacy & technology skills.

PenPal Schools
PenPal Schools connects over 50,000 students from 49 countries to discover other cultures, learn about global issues, and practice foreign languages through 1-1 online exchanges. Their apps for desktop and mobile devices make connections easy, and their 6-week standards-aligned courses include videos, texts, and discussion questions differentiated for students of all ages. Through their World News and foreign language courses, students exchange perspectives on global issues such as the environment and poverty, or practice languages with native speakers while learning about culture and history in their PenPals’ countries.

Free One-Year Subscription to YES! Magazine for Teachers and School Librarians 
YES! Magazine is an online and print publication that emphasizes positive solutions for contemporary challenges, such as climate change, social justice, and consumerism. It offers middle school through university educators and school librarians a FREE one-year introductory subscription. Subscribe today!

WordPlay Shakespeare
This Shakespeare/ESL reading resource has placed a full, custom-filmed performance of Shakespeare’s plays right next to the play’s text so students and teachers can watch Shakespeare’s words come to life. MacbethMidsummer Night’s Dream, and Romeo and Juliet are available now.  For more information and free download samples contact the publisher, Alexander Parker, at alexander@thenewbookpress.com.

200 Prompts for Argumentative Writing 
Check out these cool writing prompts from the New York Times. Audience: High School.

Achieve 3000
Achieve 3000 is an online literacy resource that improves reading proficiency by providing differentiated lessons based on students’ lexile (reading) levels. Recently, Achieve 3000 and TFA partnered in giving every corps member a free, full-access subscription to all Achieve 3000 has to offer! This includes:

  • a gigantic database of 100% nonfiction content (articles are pulled from the associated press and added to the database on a weekly basis!)
  • extra, preemptive layers of scaffolding for struggling readers and English learners (every article is rewritten at 12 different lexile levels, as well as translated into Spanish and available at 6 different lexile levels!)

All TFA Corps members are eligible for a free two-year subscription to Achieve3000. Click here to access this amazing resource today!


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