Blue Hair and the Ghost: A Preschool Teacher and Librarian take on Children’s Books
In need of a great children’s book suggestions, or creative activities to engage your young readers? This alumni-created blog  is your one stop shop! Blue Hair and the Ghost picks the minds of a preschool teacher and children’s librarian.  They wade through the (often overwhelming!) ocean of children’s books to pick out books that they like, have used, or have seen used, and pair it with an activity that is developmentally appropriate! They aim to make children’s literature more accessible to all.

Teachley – for K-5 Teachers
Teachley helps K-5 educators use iPad apps to personalize math learning and support every student in their classroom.  Their Learning Analytics Platform:

  • Works with all school iPad programs, including 1:1, shared carts, centers, or even just 1 iPad.
  • Syncs with our FREE math apps: Addimal Adventure (2014 Apple Design Award), focused on single-digit addition strategies, and our newest app, Multiplis, which covers the distributive property and area models of multiplication.
  • Provides you with actionable data on Common Core standards and suggestions for intervention.


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