Student Opportunities

NEW-The DAP Diverse-City Art Competition
The Diverse-City art competition offers students the opportunity to present their independent understanding and awareness of diversity and inclusion within their communities and school. Students will be able to use their creative abilities and talents to express their own insight of diversity and inclusion in the St. Louis region. DAP is now accepting submissions from artists K-12. We hope you submit an inspiring piece or encourage a student, friend, or family member to enter in the Diverse-City Art Competition.For more information visit 

NEW-Bank of America Student Leaders
The Bank of America Student Leaders® program is now accepting applications from High School Juniors and Seniors. Student Leaders recognizes those who lead and serve in their own communities and beyond. Bank of America will connect Student Leaders to tools and resources that will help them make communities better. As a Student Leader, you will: Work as a paid intern at a local nonprofit for eight weeks, Attend the week-long Student Leaders Summit in Washington, D.C., Develop leadership and career skills, and Connect with like-minded students from your own community and across the country. Learn more and apply today!

NEW– School Innovation Grants Program!
Thanks to a generous grant from Emerson Electric, the St. Louis Public Schools Foundation is proud to launch the School Innovation Grants program, a program designed to recognize school leadership teams’ creativity and vision. The grants will be disbursed after a selective grants process to approximately 10-15 schools and will range in size from $5,000-15,000. School teams that earn grants will demonstrate an innovative approach to addressing a challenge in their schools, and propose a strategy that is designed to advance key goals in the Saint Louis Public School District’s Transformation Plan.  Click here for an application, School-Innovation-Grants-Program-Instructions-and-Application-FINAL-VERSION and here for the scoring rubric, SLPS Foundation School Innovation Grants Rubric

Tutor with CoolTutor Missouri
M.P.H. Education Services is a private education company that serves Missourians through a premier tutoring program, CoolTutor. CoolTutor recruits effective teachers to tutor K-12 students through academic difficulties. Our tutors travel to the homes of their clients and collaborate with teachers, parents, and students to develop individualized plans that increase academic success for the students. M.P.H. Education Services’ objective is to team with St. Louis corps members with our CoolTutor program to provide a much needed academic service to the St. Louis community. We are currently looking for K-12 academic tutors who can travel to the homes of students and provide two-hour one-on-one academic tutoring sessions for private school students. Compensation for tutors range from $20.00-30.00/hour depending on qualifications and compatibility with student. If interested, please complete this form and when your information has been processed,  an application for the upcoming school year will be sent to the provided email address along with more information about our services.

City Academy Career Connection Opportunity for Teachers and Students
City Academy’s Extended Day Program is seeking to partner with educators who want to provide their most driven students with an opportunity unavailable anywhere else in St. Louis. The City Academy Career Connection program aims to locate talented youth in the St. Louis area who are interested in a career in education or child development. Students accepted into the program would become the Extended Day Program’s afterschool teachers. Participants would earn a wage and receive high school credit. They would also gain hands-on, real-life experience in the best school of its kind in the area.  City Academy Career Connection Proposal for more information.

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