Professional Development Opportunities

Green Schools Quest
Check out this opportunity to partner with the U.S. Green Building Council’s Missouri Chapter for this school year. They are helping to devise and implement sustainable practices at public and private schools across the state. Learn more about the program and how to apply here.

Understanding and Analyzing Systemic Racism Workshop
Forward Through Ferguson, City Garden Montessori School, Crossroads Preparatory School, and US Bancorp Community Development Corporation are collaborating to host this year’s workshops centered on anti-bias and anti-racism. The workshop is designed for organizations and focuses on the role that institutions play in perpetuating and dismantling systemic racism. This is a two and a half day workshop scheduled for various dates in fall 2017. More details about the workshop and information on how to register can be found here.

Discussion Across Differences Training Materials
Looking for ways to hold productive conversations accross lines of difference? Download the “Discussion Across Differences” training materials, made available to the community from Ameren.

Five Questions to Ask Before Joining a Board
Before you join a nonprofit’s board, consider asking yourself 5 simple questions to ensure that your time on a board is a valuable networking and learning opportunity, instead of a frustrating experience.

Non-Profit Organization Guide
This resource is your guide to the non-profit world of St. Louis.  Need a resource for a student? Interested in volunteer experience either as a board member or a recurring commitment? Want to explore the landscape of non-profits for potential career avenues?  Download this guide and look no further.  If you work for or know about a non-profit and it is not included, please email

Resources From Karen House
There are A TON of downloadable resources to offer on white privilege, racism, Ferguson, and Mike Brown. Visit their webpage to check it out!

FREE course on character education
Interested in free teaching PD? Check out this free course on Teaching Character and Creating Positive Classrooms! 

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