Continuum Symposium

Teach For America St. Louis is excited to host our second annual Continuum Symposium!
This conference-style event is designed to bring together our entire corps member and alumni community for a day of learning, engagement & action. TFA alumni & community members will present sessions on a wide range of topics aimed at building collective action for the benefit of kids in St. Louis!
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Date: November 5th                   Time: 8:30AM-2:30PM
Location: St. Louis College Prep

Schedule of Events:

8:30AM – 9:00AM: Alumni Registration Option #1

9:00AM-10:00AM: Racial Identity Development Sessions

All Participants (CM’s and Alumni) will have an opportunity to opt into one of the following sessions:
Racial Identity Development: Cross-Racial Dialogue Racial Identity Development: Assessing White Dominant Culture in Your Classroom


(session recommended for current educators)

During this learning experience participants will understand the supports and conditions necessary to actively engage in cross-racial dialogue about race and class and develop skill in engaging more directly and effectively in courageous conversations by developing strategies to name and effectively manage triggers and strong emotions that arise during cross-racial dialogue. During this learning experience, participants will explore elements of white dominant culture, analyze how their teaching practices/classroom culture center or align to white dominate culture, draw connections between their findings and current student outcomes and actions. Participants will have the opportunity to establish action steps/plan to move their classroom toward a culture that is responsive to all students.

9:00AM-9:30AM: Alumni Registration Option #2
9:30AM-10:00AM: Alumni Convening Session

Alumni will have the opportunity to share, connect and network with one another before breakout session begin.

10:10AM-11:10AM: Breakout Session #1

  • Parent Panel: Hear from parents of children currently enrolled in SLPS schools and charter schools about their hopes and dreams for their children’s education. Ask these experts about how they like to build relationships with teachers and partner for success.
  • 6+ Teacher Elite Panel: Hear from a panel of alumni educators who have been teaching for at least six years. Learn about their pathway to committing to the classroom, strategies for long-term success and tips for self-care.
  • Using Your Voice to Advocate for Policy Change: Presented by the Children’s Education Alliance of Missouri (CEAM). Learn how education policy is written and lobbied for in Missouri and learn how you can use your voice and experience to advocate for important changes that can positively affect your students.
  • SLPS Leadership Panel: Hear from Colette Owens (STL ’04), Tony Ruby (Baltimore ’05) and Claire Crapo (STL ’09) about progress and changes happening at St. Louis Public Schools. These three district leaders will share their perspectives on recent victories and what is coming up next for the district.


11:20AM-12:20PM: Breakout Session #2

  • Defining Your Theory of Change: Presented by Dan Huebner (STL ’09).
  • Data 101: Presented by TFA’s Coaching Team. Teachers will build skill and routines for analyzing exit ticket data, determining student misconceptions, and utilizing high-leverage strategies for re-teaching.  Teachers should come to the session with graded exit tickets from their most recent lesson.
**This session is recommended for new educators looking for tips on utilizing data in their classrooms**
  • Student Panel: Presented by North Campus and facilitated by Liz Peinado (STL ’12). Hear from students attending local district and charter schools about what they are hoping to achieve in their own education.
  • SLPS Lawsuit Panel: Curious about the hotly debated SLPS lawsuit that is currently threatening charter school funding? Hear from local lawyers about the history of this funding issue, events that led to the lawsuit and possible outcomes and their ramifications on children across the city.

12:30PM-1:30PM: Whole Group Lunch with a Social, Political & Cultural Consciousness Presentation

1:30PM-2:30PM: Breakout Session #3

  • Self-Determination: Presented by Quanisha Major (STL ’11).
  • A balance of Power: Presented by Lorna Sanchez (Bay Area ’06).
  • Better Together St. Louis: How does fragmentation affect the lives of people in St. Louis City and St. Louis County? This session will provide a brief overview of Better Together’s studies in public finance, economic development, public health, public safety, parks and recreation, and finally general administration. Some historic context about the divisions and fragmentation in the St. Louis region will also be covered.
  • Understanding Trauma in Schools: Presented by Megan Marietta, Manager of Social Work Services for SLPS. Many youth have lived through traumatic experiences and bring their traumas with them to school. Trauma profoundly affects a child’s behavior, feelings, relationships, and view of the world. Join us to understand how trauma’s effects on children can disrupt academic performance.