2016-2017 Aspiring School Leaders Fellowship Cohort


Congratulations to the following individuals who accepted into the 2016-2017 Aspiring School Leaders Fellowship!

Mary L. Davis
Tyler Archer
Lindsay Schuessler
Samantha Lurie
Aaron Massey
Robyn McPherson
Ashley McMichael
Amanda Henry
Michael Zitzer
David Bosch
Matthew Cashman
Erin Ellinger

When the group was asked “Why do you want to participate in the Aspiring School Leaders Fellowship?,” here were some of their responses!

“I want to continue to grow as a leader in education. I intend to be actively involved in education my entire life. I see this fellowship as my next step.”

“The hardest jobs in the world are the jobs that help provide a quality education to our  students. Therefore leading people in these positions is a bear/mountain of a challenge. If I become a school leader, I want to be as prepared as possible. I value the professional development TFA can offer because I know it will be quality. I know this is a tremendous learning opportunity that will directly impact my role as a school leader.”

“I would like to participate in the Aspiring School Leaders Fellowship because I am deeply committed to providing educational opportunities for young people in St. Louis, and I am ready to take the next step into school leadership. I believe that this program would be beneficial to me in terms of my own professional development and that it would ultimately benefit many others if I am fortunate enough to lead a school one day.”

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