TFA Alum Tyler Jones Has Raised to Money to Take His Normandy High AP English Class to New York City!

Tyler Jones, St. Louis ’11, is an Normandy High AP English teacher with big goals!

After reading Ta-Nehesi Coates’ Between the World and Me, Tyler decided to ask his students: Where would you travel if you could go anywhere? He expected a list of exotic places, but received a list of many U.S. cities. Many of his students have never traveled outside of Missouri.

This question led a discussion around Tyler’s time working in New York City. His student had many many questions around what New York City was like. It was then that Tyler realized the impact a trip to NYC could have on his students.

Tyler Jones explains, in a recent River Front Times article, that the weekend itinerary will include visits to Harlem, Columbia, maybe even the New York Times. They will also visit tourist sites such as Ground Zero and Times Square.

Tyler’s girlfriend, Brittany Kelleher, who is herself a former Normandy teacher, launched a crowd-funding campaign on a site called Crowd Rise. So far, the site raised $700 above the $9,000 goal for estimated costs, but is still taking donations!

This story is an amazing example of the dedication of our teachers and shows the lengths our educators go to do what is right for kids!

Congratulations Tyler!

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