Kate Casas, STL ’05 Named as a Zhi-Xing China Eisenhower Fellow

Kate Casas currently serves as Senior Director of Government Relations at the Gate Way Group, a lobbying and advocacy firm located in St. Louis. She has been active in political and advocacy realms for kids for the last seven years, affecting change at the state and local levels. The Zhi-Xing (meaning “learning”) China Eisenhower Fellowships Program “identifies, empowers and links outstanding leaders from the United States and China through a transformational experience.” That experience consists of four weeks of fully funded intensive professional and leadership development through cultural immersion, travel across China, individually tailored meetings and seminars. After the experience, Fellows have access to the existing Eisenhower Fellowship network in the US and China, which ideally propels future collaboration. “Through her fellowship, Kate will learn about how China’s school system operates, especially policies around accountability and transparency. She will also explore how teacher quality policies impact student outcomes and parental engagement across socio-economic classes. By learning how China addresses problems associated with rapid growth and comparing it to the U.S. experience, Kate expects to generate ideas about how to tackle education challenges in new and effective ways.” Congrats, Kate!

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