The March HuSTLe Award in Leadership goes to…

Deborah Rogers! Ms. Rogers, STL, ’10, is the 8th grade team leader at Gateway Middle School. She was nominated by teammate Sarah Schupanitz, STL ’12.

Sarah said of Deborah’s leadership: “Ms. Rogers is THE rock for the 8th grade team at Gateway Middle. She has a clear vision for what the 8th grade floor looks like and how to ensure that both the teachers and students are successful. From the beginning of the year she has focused on the character program CIA, which stands for Community, Integrity, and Agency. The PBIS team that visited even applauded the team for such a great program to promote positive behaviors. Lastly, she is supportive to the staff and the students alike, while always acting professionally. She spends hours outside of school making copies of behavior trackers, planning for 8th grade field trips, and making everything run smoothly, all the while, rocking it out in her classroom. She is not only a joy to work with but an awesome example of a strong leader.

Congrats and thank you to Ms. Rogers for her recognized leadership and continued commitment to kids.

Nominate someone for April’s HuSTLe Award: Transformational Change!

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