Learn about our Emerging School Leaders Cohort ’14-15!!

In St. Louis, there are a growing number of TFA alums who serve as mid-level leaders in our schools. These deans, instructional coaches and assistant principals have the incredible ability to influence student outcomes.  As alums take on these roles in a growing number of schools, districts and charter networks, there is great potential for increased knowledge sharing and innovation. In order to create a close community of these alumni leaders and facilitate best practice sharing, Teach For America: St. Louis is proud to launch the Emerging School Leaders Cohort.

Cohort members attend monthly peer-hosted school visits, which includes an opportunity to attend evening debrief session. Each monthly visit will be hosted by a different member of the group at his/her school. The host(s) determines the topic of the monthly visit, which incorporates an observation of a leadership team meeting, data meeting, grade level/
content team meeting, coaching cycle or other internal process.  The first school visit takes place this month and will be hosted by two cohort members at South City Prep!

Our Emerging School Leaders for 2014-15 are: Sarah Lofton, STL ’06, Assistant Principal at Confluence South City; Carissa Roller, STL ’07, Director of Curriculum and Instruction at South City Prep; Michelle Oyola, STL ’08, Director of Extended Programs at City Academy; Lindsay Schuessler, STL ’08; Academic Instructional Coach at Adams Elementary; Eric Dailey, Mississippi ’11, Assistant Principal at KIPP Victory; Chad Hull, STL ’05, Dean of Students at South City Prep; Renee Racette, STL ’05, Assistant Principal at Gateway STEM; Samantha Smith, STL ’05, Academic Instructional Coach at Gateway STEM and Elisha Ferguson, SC ’11, Special Education Director and Instructional Fellow at Eagle College Prep.

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