Introducing… the Exploring Leadership in St. Louis Cohort ’14-15

This cohort is focused on facilitating multi-sector collaboration to end educational inequity in St. Louis.  Alumni working in fields outside of the classroom will explore the mindsets, beliefs and feelings that guide actions in the St. Louis community with two primary goals: 1) becoming increasingly connected, convicted, clear and capable leaders in the city and 2) developing clarity around their current and future role as a leader in the city.

In order to reach these goals, this stellar group of alums will engage with and learn from those who lead in the St Louis region, exploring and honoring the values that drive their work. They’ll learn the story of the city, its unique beauty and struggles, and the motivations of those who lead there. They’ll grapple with what it means to lead for social and racial justice in a society that has always privileged some and oppressed others, and explore how they’ve been influenced by the people and places around them. They’ll consider our their potential for leadership, and they’ll intentionally push themselves to move forward with agency so that they can fulfill the unique roles they can play in this struggle.

The Exploring Leadership in St. Louis Cohort is: Ben Gwynne, Memphis ’12; Crystal Martin, STL ’10; Elizabeth Thorne Wallington, STL ’07; Joe Monahan, KC ’10; Josh Rackers, Baltimore ’10; Katherine Brodhead, STL ’10; Pat Mobley, STL ’05 and Sarah Dlugolecki, Delta ’10.

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