Meet the ’14-15 Alumni Educator Leadership Development Cohort!

The Alumni Educator Leadership Development cohort is comprised of teachers in their third and fourth years in the classroom who seek to become increasingly connected, convicted, clear and capable leaders and develop clarity about their current and potential impact and how this may shape future career goals in education.

The selected participants partake in monthly professional development sessions where they explore and refine their personal leadership styles while learning from and alongside senior educators. Over the course of the year, they will examine several distinct types of leadership in education, including the community leader, the advocacy leader, the social justice leader, and the innovation leader.

The current cohort includes: Audrey Mohni, STL ’12, a pre-k teacher at Wallbridge Elementary School; Leslie Gubitz, STL ’12, a science teacher at College Prep High School at Madison; Kaitlin Dauner, a 6th grade teacher at Farragut; Michael Zitzer, STL ’12, an 8th grade math teacher at Hazelwood East Middle School; Christy Murphy, STL ’12, a 3rd grade teacher at Humboldt Academy of Higher Learning; Jim Triplett, STL ’12, a 5th grade teacher at Gateway Elementary and Lian States, Detroit ’12, a 1st grade lead teacher at KIPP Victory Academy.

If you are interested in getting involved with next year’s cohort, please reach out to the Alumni Leadership team!

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