Welcome our ’14-15 Aspiring School Leaders Fellows! 

The fellowship is a ten month program designed to accelerate the leadership development of its participants in several key areas: culturally responsive pedagogy, vision-driven leadership, academically rigorous instruction, and instructional coaching.

In order to cultivate these and other important pillars of school leadership, the fellowship includes exposure to education leaders in St. Louis Region and to high quality professional development. This November, the Fellows will be spending three days in Washington, DC visiting excellent schools.  Look out for these powerful leaders at a school near you! This phenomenal group of powerful leaders is committed to school leadership as their role to impact change.

Current Fellows include: Lauren Fleischer, STL ’07, a Math Coach and teacher at Maplewood Richmond Heights Middle School; Chad Hull, STL ’05, the Dean of Students at South City Prep; Carmen Little, KC ’09, a teacher in Jennings School District; Kevin Martin, STL ’09, an Instructional and Data Coach at Hazelwood East High School; Leah Patriarco, STL ’10, a Math Instructional Coach and Teacher at South City Prep; Sarah Ranney, STL ’06, the Director of Curriculum and Instruction at Lafayette Prep; Deborah Rogers, STL ’10, a teacher and Team Leader at Gateway Middle School; Carissa Roller, STL ’07, the Director of Curriculum and Instruction at South City Prep; and Brenda Smith, STL ’07, a teacher at Hazelwood East High School.

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