The Show Me Costa Rica Project

Over the last two years, two groups of students who attend Vashon High School have workedShow-Me Costa Rica relentlessly to earn the opportunity to study biology in Costa Rica. For many of these students, raising $25,000 to become the first in their families to travel internationally has been the biggest goal they have achieved in their short 16 or 17 years of life. However, this is just the beginning of what they will accomplish throughout their lifetime. They are out to prove to society that that they are not “At-risk” but they are “At-promise!”

The Show Me Costa Rica Project provides an international learning experience focused on biology-related excursions for students who are classified as “At-risk” according to society. The participants of The Show Me Costa Rica Project are intelligent and hardworking students selected from Vashon High School. The students are selected through a competitive application and interview process. The students do not have to have a certain GPA to be selected but they have to be dedicated to working hard to achieve the academic goals that we set. Throughout the year, they must also be committed to achieving fundraising goals. Over the past two years, we have raised $50,000 to take two groups of students to Costa Rica

Show-Me Costa RicaThe students in our program grew an average of .34 points on their cumulative GPA, almost all of them scored proficient on the biology End-of-Course exam, and they each have taken on new opportunities after participating in this project. Every student that travels to Costa Rica becomes a mentor for a student in the new group so that they can pay forward this life-changing opportunity.

This program would not exist without the wonderful community that exists in St. Louis. A variety of community members have showed up for our fundraisers and have supported our students over the last two years and we cannot thank you enough!

We have seen this project make a significant impact on our students and we want to keep it going. In order to make this project sustainable, we have a team of outstanding volunteers who make up our advisory board this year. We need your help in order to increase the number of students to whom we can provide this opportunity.

How can you help?IMG_0943

1. We have been offered a match-event opportunity on the crowd funding website, and we are looking for people who have a large network to serve on our board for our campaign. The only responsibility required is to send this campaign out to your network once it is launched by the end of September.

2. We are looking for a videographer who would be willing to do a pro-bono promotional video for The Show Me Costa Rica Project to help us launch our fundraising campaign.

3. Lastly, we need your support at our fundraisers. It means the world to our students when you show up and they have the opportunity to meet you.

If any of these interest you or if you would like to stay updated on our upcoming fundraising events this year please e-mail us at and like our page “The Show Me Costa Rica Project,” on Facebook.

Your support means the world to us. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our project, we hope to gain your support for our “At-promise” students!

Additional information:

Samantha Lurie is a 2008 St. Louis alum who is entering her seventh year of teaching at Vashon High School (her placement school!).  Ms. Lurie teaches special education biology.

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