Help Empower the Next Generation of Leaders in STL!

Kaitlin Dauner | St. Louis ‘12

Hi Friends!

As you may know I’ve spent the last two years teaching in Saint Louis, MO for Saint Louis Public Schools. Too often do we see: North City, Saint Louis prone to violence. This is the headline our kids often see and hear on local and national news broadcastings regarding their community. But they know a different story.

In an effort to re-focus the story told about North City, students from various schools of all ages joined together to form the North City Book Project. Some of my former and current students are involved!! Students spent time writing about their community, influential people in their lives, and memories. Together, these pieces of writing became the North City Book Project. Proceeds raised from the book will benefit a North City graduating senior pursuing a college education. It will truly become kids helping kids.

Although you may not live in Saint Louis (or even visited this wonderful city!), this project serves as a powerful reminder to all kids: that their voice matters and in fact can create positive change within their community. I hope you will join me in supporting a special group of students who will inspire other kids to make change too.

Ways you can help: 

1. Learn about it! Visit

2. Spread the word by sharing this video:

            Part of our focus is to get their story heard!

3. Donate or purchase a book here:

4. Share this information with family and friends. Again, letting more people hear these student’s passion, drive and commitment to their community is key to changing the reality that many people believe. 

Also, please join THE KIDS on Saturday, May 3rd from 2:00-4:00pm at Carr Lane Middle School in Saint Louis for the North City Book Launch. This will be the official book launch where kids will be present to sign your copy. You will get the opportunity to hear their stories and support their efforts to make their community better. 

All the best,


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