SLPS Film Debut

Rachel Seward | St. Louis ‘05

As Deputy Superintendent of Institutional Advancement for SLPS, I’m really excited about changing the conversation about our schools. Our department handles external affairs for the district: development, volunteerism, corporate and nonprofit relationships and marketing and PR. I know that the district still has a lot of work to do, but the reality is, there are great things happening in schools and classrooms every day. We know that by getting those good stories out, we’ll attract more families and students, and great educators, and academics will improve. And the cycle will continue.

One tool we are using to shift the perception of the district is a short film campaign. We’ve contracted with an incredibly talented and passionate producer named Ryan Hanlon. He’s also a proud SLPS parent – his kids attend Wilkinson – and the love he has for St. Louis and the district shows in his work. The films will all be available on our new landing page: Please take 2.5 minutes to watch the first in the series, Parents, which is a moving look at why families choose SLPS, and share it in your networks. More films will follow in the weeks ahead.

Changing a narrative takes time. And a lot of work. And a lot of support. We need an army of champions for the district and for the best possible education for our kids. Thank you for supporting SLPS.

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