“It’s A New Year! Time to Up Your Game!”

Experiencing the birth of a new year often involves taking stock of where you are professionally, and looking for new opportunities and strategies for professional growth.  As corps members and alumni of Teach For America we tend to constantly look to transform ourselves for the benefit of the students and communities we serve – though we aren’t always sure where to start or how to get there.

I’ve made it easy for you!  I scoured tfanet.org to provide you with a list of tools that will help you (1) determine what you want to do, (2) get experience and credentials, and (3) get the job you want.  Use the opportunities listed below to help you jumpstart and strengthen your path to actualizing a wider net of transformational change.  Happy New Year!

Peace and love,

Kristen Taylor
St. Louis ‘06
School Leadership Chair, TFA-STL Alumni Advisory Board


(1) Determine what you want to do

This provides a framework you can use as you think about your own ongoing leadership development beyond the corps. It will help you reflect on your leadership journey and take purposeful action to move toward deepening your impact and moving in a direction that is aligned with your unique strengths and skills.


(2) Get experience and credentials

Get certified as a National Board teacher to show that you are serious about student achievement. This course will present an overview of the National Board Certification process, including Alumni reflections on the national board process, Application details, Funding options, and Best practices.

Want to use your summer to gain more experience or “try on” a different field?  Use this website to explore and apply for a wide range of summer opportunities for teachers.

Design your own summer professional development and apply as an individual or in teams for a fellowship to pay for it!

Develop the skills you need to prepare and apply for a national principal prep program through six modules including: Planning for the application process, Developing your self awareness, Crafting a vision for high performing schools, Adult leadership interview techniques, Indicators of leadership ability, and Next steps for your action plan.


(3) Get the job you want

This online module is designed to give you the skills needed to create an excellent resume so that you can position yourself to assume greater leadership in the effort to close the achievement gap.

This page has lots of downloadable examples, webinars, and toolkits for every kind of field! 

Learn how to speak about your corps experience, instructional vision and adult leadership capacity in a compelling and meaningful way. This webinar will not only help you assess your readiness to interview, but also identify key next steps for preparation.

While principal interviews vary from place to place, there are some universal keys to success. Join this webinar to hear from alumni who’ve been through these rigorous interview processes, and to learn more about what interviewers are looking for throughout these processes. This webinar is designed for alumni who are interviewing for principal roles this academic year. 

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