Our Community is Expanding!

Whether you are one of the individuals who peruse this sight on a daily basis or you’re one of the people who wait for the blast to prompt you to do so, all visitors to tfastl.com might have noticed some changes recently.  Yes, what began as site for our alumni community has already expanded and grown to welcome our 2012 and 2013 corps members as well.  Why, you might ask?  Well, given that so many of our professional development opportunities, community events and job postings could be pertinent to alumni and corps members alike, we felt like the move made sense and we just didn’t want anyone to miss out.

That being the case, check out the links above to see posts pertinent to both alumni and corps members here in the St. Louis community.  In particular, we have recently added the St. Louis TLD calendar of events for the year as well as a tab for Teacher and Student Resources.  Moving forward, if you have ideas for the community, content you want to add or just want to tell us what you think, feel free to shoot daniel.huebner@teachforamerica.org an email with your thoughts!

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